Farewells are always difficult and I would like to aver here that I have bid my final adieu to “chocolate”. Yes, it’s true. I have overcome my chocolate addiction and have decided to avoid this sinful food item in all forms hereafter.

Other than that, I would like to inform my readers here that this e-book which I commenced writing, more than five years ago, on 17 January 2015, is finally complete and I must say that it has been an eventful five years of writing, travelling, exploring, learning, growing and engaging with readers. 

I would like to inform everyone here that I continue writing on my new page: and would love to hear from you. 

Feel absolutely free to write to me your thoughts about “If It Were Not For Words” at and follow me on Instagram. 

Kanchan Singh

9 April 2020, Thursday

New Delhi, India 

The Lady In The Orange Shawl

I think of her again, as I sip on my coffee spiked with Napoleon Brandy.

She was dressed in a pink sari and the embroidered orange coloured shawl draped around her head and shoulders caught my attention as she accosted me in Priya Complex, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Incredible India. The infant in her arms in knitted wear looked healthy and bright.

“Madam, bahut sundar lag rahi ho. Bachche ko khaana kilaana hai.” she attempted to flatter me.

I thought I might walk past her when a friend of hers made a frontier of sorts with her string of compliments.

“Ekdum Karisma Kapoor lag rahi ho. Aata kharidna hai. Paise chaahiye.” she quipped.

I was running short of change and parted with INR 44 which I distributed among them and their two children.

I left them happy yet discontented and met my friend Jasmine Susan Jose in L’Opera Patisserie. She brought me an intricately embellished handmade red diary from a charity she supports. It has been made by disabled children and I intend to put it to good use.

After sharing anecdotes and notes about our folks at home, over some tea, cinnamon hazelnut cappuccino, chicken quiche and almond croissant, we strolled along the streets of our preferred haunt.

I spotted her again, the lady in the orange shawl, fit and feisty.

“Aata kharidna hai.” she chanted once more.

I returned home with some orange onyx to add to my collection.


My message to the world this winter night…

Stay warm! Be kind!

Kanchan Singh

5 January 2020, Sunday

New Delhi, Incredible India

Supermodels Aren’t Made Of Clay

I handed over a Christmas stocking with some presents in it to Jasmine’s mother this evening. Aunty delighted me with a rum-cake for Christmas which I brought home to Mother.

While on my way back, I decided to have a cinnamon-hazelnut cappuccino at L’Opera Patisserie in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

“A room without a window is more like a prison.” avers Ruskin Bond.

I couldn’t agree more, and quite a view I have, this pleasant Christmas afternoon.


Two men, dashing as could be, with a camera crew and all that jazz!

And a couple getting themselves photographed with a makeshift Santa perched outside Perch Wine & Coffee Bar.


I wrote out some new year cards, finished my coffee and stepped into the cold to be beckoned by a skinny lil’ young lady draped in an indigo-blue shawl outside on the pavement. She had several scars running the length of her right leg and she held out her right hand by way of appeal for alms.

I responded to her plea and thought she deserved so much better in life!

Kanchan Singh

21 December 2019, Saturday

New Delhi, Incredible India



I spotted him again, the visually impaired man I purchased Diwali Lamps from last winter. Albeit, all alone this time, walking along the pavement outside Enchante Patisserie in Khan Market, New Delhi. The lady in the red sari wasn’t by his side this time and wonder as I did, I didn’t purchase from him the fabrics he had for sale.

I really wanted to help; however, I was distracted by a bespectacled young man in black who wanted to know how to get upstairs to what sounded like “Sly Girl Alley” to me.

“I don’t know. The entry is from the other side, I guess.”



I came back home with some Christmas goodies, which include cushions, shoes, cards and a white tiger!

Incidentally, my Portuguese teacher Sara, showed us an advertisement of Samsung Good Vibes, a two-way communication app that allows the deafblind to send and receive messages with friends, family or anybody else through their smartphones. It translates Morse Code input into text or voice and vice versa. An app with two interfaces. For the deafblind.

I like the way the human mind prevails over all odds and has an answer to the oddest of oddities.

Last night. After a bitter macchiato. The way I prefer it.

Kanchan Singh

19 December 2019, Thursday

New Delhi, Incredible India

A Christmas Story: Your Bonfire Will Burn Brighter If You Help Light Up Someone Else’s


The outdoor boy is a convincing one!

“Kharid lona, Didi.” he persists.

It’s a Japanese fictional character which is popular as “Hello Kitty.”

Well, it sure does appear an appealing idea considering that cash is important for this child here and he is enterprising enough to approach the likes of me with something so sweet!

He makes a good bargain and we settle for INR 70.


So, kitty has found a home, has she!

Kanchan Singh

7 December 2019, Saturday

New Delhi, Incredible India



Someone has found a fan in me this night,

with her dress so right,

and eyes so bright,

I think I might,

like to cherish so pretty a sight!

Aarti Sapera she is,

and to watch her dance is pure bliss!

Kanchan Singh

2 December 2019, Monday 

Jaipur, Rajasthan, Incredible India 🇮🇳

From Russia, With Love: Krishna Consciousness


So, what attracts your attention when you walk across busy streets bustling with people and energy?

I was struck today by the melodious singing of some young scholars dressed in saffron and yellow in A-Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi. “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna” certainly is a familiar chant! Their performance was in association with HelpAge India which is a Non-Government Organisation which is active in cancer treatment of elderly cancer patients in India.

While I was watching them perform their noble act, I was approached by a man very elegantly attired in sunshine yellow dhoti-kurta. He had with him several books in Hindi and he offered me a Bhagvada Gita which I told him I already have in my possession!

Well, he had many more and he insisted that I purchase one and contribute towards his work. I picked one which caught my fancy. “Chaalees.” he said. I rummaged in my bag and found the sum of INR 40.


“Are you from Delhi?” he asked me.

“Yes. And you? Where are you from?” I inquired.

“Russia.” he replied.

“Do you like Krishna? he wished to know.

“Well, I am more a fan of Rama. I answered.

He glanced at me for a while.

“Bahut Sundari.” he observed with a smile.

I took a gist of my book on my way back which speaks of “real happiness”.

Kanchan Singh

24 November 2019, Sunday

New Delhi, Incredible India

A Diwali Story : It Feels So Nice To Share


Girls love pretty things, don’t they!

This lil’ girl in pink, in the newly renovated Basant Lok Market, Vasant Vihar, whom my friend, Jasmine and I, found celebrating her very own Mini Diwali under a tree near L’Opera Patisserie is quite the leader of her gang of hardy boys!

And quite a demanding femenina she is!

“Didi, Kinder Joy!” she squealed.

She showed us her floating diyas alight in an earthen bowl filled with water and told us to bring her and her friends her favourite, Kinder Joy!

We stepped into a nearby store and got four for INR 180.

Well, I sure did love my chance encounter with Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys this Choti Diwali!

Aren’t they a spirited bunch!

Kanchan Singh

26 October 2019, Saturday

New Delhi, Incredible India


Nuestro profesor, Juan Sebastián Rivera González, nos mostró una película mexicana llamada “Coco” en el Instituto Cervantes de Nueva Delhi hoy. La película muestra el festival mexicano de “El Día de los Muertos” y es emotiva.


El Día de los Muertos es una festividad mexicana que se celebra en todo México, en particular en las regiones Centro y Sur, y por personas de herencia mexicana en otros lugares. El día festivo de varios días se enfoca en reuniones de familiares y amigos para orar y recordar a los amigos y familiares que han muerto, y ayudar a apoyar su viaje espiritual.

En 2008, la tradición fue inscrita en la lista representativa del patrimonio cultural inmaterial de la humanidad por la UNESCO.


En este día, siguiendo el ejemplo de este festival, dedico este post a mi abuela materna, Shrimati Kameshwari Devi Singh.

Esta hermosa dama de Azamgarh en Uttar Pradesh, India, epítome de la elegancia y la gracia, reside en mi mente como un verdadero ángel que me introdujo en la bondad de Ram; historias de príncipes y princesas, leyendas de reyes y reinas, la alegría de hornear, bordar y tejerSoy una nieta bendita! 👸


Maheshwari Sari


Kr Gourav Mandloi Magova of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India connects me to Zoeb Ansari, Maheshwari artisan. Visit Bugdi Looms and get a hand on this collectible.

Light in texture and easy to drape, Maheshwari Saris owe their origin to Maheshwar, a town in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. 

Ms Shalini Devi, an enterprising lady from Germany, is working actively with Maheswari artisans, especially women, through her venture which goes by the name ‘Gudi Mudi’.

So, add one to your sari collection! 👸

Dandelion, 10 October 2018, Wednesday
Vivanta by Taj, Ambassador, New Delhi